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Zefir accelerates life changes.

Hi, we are Zefir. 🏡

Zefir stands against the prevalent 'every man for himself' mentality in real estate. We've created the first collective sales platform that not only accelerates the connection between sellers and buyers but also fosters cooperation among all agents. By dividing roles among various agents, ensuring fair compensation, evaluating performance, and centralizing a network of buyers and properties, we're setting a new standard for efficiency and transparency in the industry.

We work differently from most other companies.

At Zefir, we're not just another company in the real estate sector; we're a pioneering force with a clear vision: to accelerate life changes through our unique position as the first collective real estate platform. We're dedicated to breaking down the traditional barriers of individualism in the industry, promoting a culture where collaboration, innovation, and collective success are at the forefront of everything we do.

We've moved beyond the conventional corporate playbook, embracing a culture that distinguishes us from others.

🏀 Play for the Front of the Jersey: emphasizes that we do what’s best for the team’s success above all. It’s making sure the name on the front of our sports jerseys (our team’s name) is more important than the name on the back (our own).

⛰️ Steep Mountains Are Steep: means we know our goals are challenging, like climbing a high mountain. But we’re committed to doing what it takes to reach the top, making sure our efforts match how big our dreams are.

🌊 Ride Reality: goes beyond just accepting or embracing the challenges we face. It’s about actively seeking out this reality and getting excited about conquering it. When we say we ‘ride’ reality, it means we don’t just deal with what’s thrown at us; we thrive on it.

Working with Zefir, you'll get

💵 Competitive salary
We pay at the market's top 75th percentile & use a transparent system to calculate salaries.

🏡 Amazing office in Sentier
Our office in the heart of the 2nd arrondissement offers a vibrant workspace.

💚 Alan Healthcare plan
Covered at 100% with Alan Healthcare for you and your family.

🗺 Remote work option
Certain roles offer the flexibility to choose your ideal work location.

🥗 A Swile Card
Enjoy a Swile card with 11€ per day.

🛴 A Swile Mobility Pass
If you're not full-remote, 42€/month to cover your Navigo or other transportation options (scooters, electric bikes, etc.).

💸 BSPCE (Stock Options)
Every employee is an "owner" of the company & receives stock options, whatever their level.

🎉 Monthly Mixers, Quarterly Celebrations
Exciting monthly team events, and quarterly all-hands day-long celebrations to mark our achievements.


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Brand Lead


Product Designer


Sales Lead


People Lead


Account Management Lead


Account Executive



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